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Launch of Willspeed USA

The team at Side Piece Racing is excited to announce our partnership with Will and Adam of Willspeed UK to establish distribution of their products in North America (USA and Canada).  

Our first order is in and expected mid-December 2021

You can find more info at-

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Currency Markets Drive Willspeed Price Decrease

The US Dollar is very strong right now vs the GBP and as such we are recalculating our pricing on all Willspeed products. Price change is effective immediately! The price change is shocking on kits!! The GBP Dollar pricing at impacts Willspeed brand.  Check out the web site for updates.

New TakeOne and TakeTwo hop-ups for all Team Associated B6

Gain steering on high grip surfaces! The goal of these hop-up parts is to give racers the option to raise their front roll centers and gain steering on the Team Associated B6 series of cars.  The hop-ups work for all B6 cars -- no matter if they have existing Willspeed Conversion kits on them or not. Preorder will be live soon for mid-December delivery Willspeed TakeTwo Front Ball Stud Mount for Team Associated B6 Series The TakeTwo Front Ball Stud Mount changes the inner camber link pick up point by -2mm, and as such Takes Two MM away. Front link positions lowered 2mm (-2mm) to allow for lowered inside link mounting to increase roll aggression and further setup options. Estimated weight 16g. Willspeed TakeOne HRC Aluminium Front Bulkhead for the Team Associated B6 Series The TakeOne HRC Aluminum Front Bulkhead for the B6 series offers a 1mm roll center adjustment, or TakeOne, raising the front hinge pin location by 1mm (HRC - High Roll Center). Approximate weight 8.5g. The part w

New Setup Sheet Page

After DJ's win this past weekend we now need to start sharing out setups.  We've created a new page just to hold all of the setups-- Willspeed USA Setup Sheets The setups live in a Google Drive so we've also included the link direct usage too